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01. Purpose

ESafety @ Work cloud applications are aimed at businesses that want to manage security more thoroughly and professionally.

The web portal installed on the cloud and available on all continents allows, among other things:

- to monitor real-time security activities,

- to plan, manage and control activities related to this security,

- to manage the communication flow,

- to postpone and forecast the needs in terms of security

02. Features

ESafety @ Work cloud applications work in conjunction with our mobile apps.

As a result, they have all the mobile-related features by default and even extend them.

For example, thanks to the web portal cloud, it is possible to:

- set employee specific email contacts, SMS and notifications

- set employee specific checklists, documents, meetings

- associate employees with projects and clients

- define the communication structure of the company (department, unit, team, ...) - And much more !

03. Commercial offers

This computing solution is billed as a monthly rental without commitment.

The reasons for renting are as follows:

1. Distribution of the financial burden over the year, plus depreciation.

2. Regular updates at no additional cost.

3. Regularly new modules always at no additional cost.

4. A SAV listening and relevant.

5. No need to invest in large infrastructure.

6. Data security, no need to perform multiple backups, we take care of it.

Launch offer: The first thirty companies that register with S @ W will be offered 4 months free, and as always, without commitment.

The idea of ​​course is to make the application known to the greatest number possible, and to bring in pilot users to provide early feedbacks and benefit from being able to shape the product - A win / win partnership!

The price of the application is fixed and independent of the number of posts or smartphones used. This is to encourage the maximum number of people to use the application in the company.

  Indeed, if each new smartphone connected the invoice increased it would discourage use of the tool which would go against our objective of getting maximum adoption and use across your workforce.

This fixed price is calculated based on the number of employees.
Indeed an SME of 4 people will pay a lesser amount month than a company of 60 people.
Monthly prices are set in increments of employees:
Single license, 1 to 5 employees, 5 to15 employees, etc.

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